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제목: Hana Bank announced title sponsor of 2020 World Team Table Tennis Championships

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등록일: 2020-02-15 12:21
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2020 World Team Table Tennis Championships

Hana Bank announced title sponsor of 2020 World Team Table Tennis Championships

12 Feb 2020

The International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) is pleased to announce that Hana Bank will be title sponsor of the 2020 World Team Table Tennis Championships, which will be staged between 22 – 29 March in Busan, Korea Republic.

Hana Bank is one of the business networks under the parent company of the Hana Financial Group, headquartered in Seoul and established in 1967.

The Hana Bank 2020 World Team Table Tennis Championships is the most significant international table tennis event of the entire year, in which the world’s best players will be representing their national men’s and women’s teams in a bid to win the sport’s most coveted titles.

Held since 1926, the ITTF World Table Tennis Championships represent the greatest annual event in the sport, not merely in terms of historical significance, but boasting the highest global interest among players, fans, media and partners, which now include Hana Bank.

“We are thrilled to have Hana Bank coming in as title sponsor of the 2020 World Team Table Tennis Championships and proud to be partnering with one of the top financial institutions in Korea Republic. We look forward to working with Hana Bank to innovatively activate their brand not just in Korea Republic but globally through not just on court signage but also the ITTF’s 3.5 million social media fans and creative on-site fan engagement. We are sure we can take Hana Bank’s brand global through our biggest asset, the World Table Tennis Championships.” – Matt Pound, ITTF Marketing Director

“Hana Bank is delighted to be partnering with the ITTF for the 2020 World Team Table Tennis Championships, the sport’s most prestigious event. Hana Bank shares many core values with the ITTF and so we look forward to growing together and putting on a show for table tennis fans around the world.” – Lee Ho-Sung, Deputy President & Group Head Youngnam Business Group at Hana Bank

“The Hana Bank 2020 World Team Table Tennis Championships will be the first edition held in Korea Republic, so this is a very proud moment for all table tennis players, officials and fans in the country. With the support of Hana Bank, we are fully committed to making this a spectacular and unforgettable occasion in Korean sporting history.” – Ryu Seung-min, President of the Korea Table Tennis Association (KTTA), ITTF Executive Vice President and IOC Member

Together the ITTF and Hana Bank will be aiming to achieve record-breaking media figures at the 2020 World Team Table Tennis Championships, after last year’s event saw TV viewers from over 145 countries make up a cumulative audience of 265 million people and cumulative reach of 665 million, while social media impressions approached one billion five hundred million across the ITTF’s English, Chinese and Japanese language platforms.

By partnering with the 2020 World Team Table Tennis Championships, Hana Bank is continuing its longstanding association with sports, most notably sponsoring a series of international golf tournaments, including the current Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) KEB Hana Bank Championships, as well as the Korean National Football Team, FC Seoul, one of the most prominent soccer teams in the Korea Professional Football League (K-league), and the Hana Bank Women’s Basketball Team, who compete in the Women’s Korean Basketball League.

Click here for more information about Hana Financial Group and here for event information regarding the Hana Bank 2020 World Team Table Tennis Championships.
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